Idea of the park takes form from the effect of flooding water coming back to riverbed. Area placed over the line of water remains unaffected. Below water leaves sand patches, lines of plants and some other things brought from the distance. All of that is facing the river. Greenery is mostly native, typical for woods growing along Vistula river. Some of them are however typical ornamental because you can find there a lot of allotment gardens. Flooding is gone, life is coming back and plants are once more beautiful and nice.

There is another meaning too. Just like a mirror. Going through it one can find Warsaw covered by war fires and destroyed. Today, on that ashes is flourishing town. Traces of the apocalypse remain only in peoples souls as the warning for future generations.


Greenery design for Copernicus Science Centre in Warszawie - Discovery Park and Garden on the roof


Design - 05.2007, Implementation 2011

Investor: Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa

Executive Office: RAr-2 Laboratorium Architektury, Ruda Śląska

Greenery design and idea for the park: Krzysztof Rostański, Pracownia HORTUS, Katowice

Cooperation: general designer, author of spatial organization and form of hills, autor of the erosion motive - Jan Kubec, author of "Szeptacze" (Wisperers) - Elżbieta Wierzbicka (Wela)